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After doing a bit of research, I found that Office 365 sets Office 2016 Pro Plus installations to use the deferred channel by default.

The Deferred Channel receives updates on a delayed basis, and it may take many months for those who are in the deferred channel to receive updates.

The terrifying attack is possible thanks to a flaw in Microsoft's Object, Linking and Embedding (OLE) technology, Mc Afee warned in a blog post.

The security company wrote: "The exploit works on all Microsoft Office versions, including the latest Office 2016 running on Windows 10."The earliest attack we have seen dates to late January."Hackers are using Microsoft Word documents (or more specifically, RTF files listed with a “.doc” extension) to trick people into opening the files.

The reason why I wasn't receiving any of the new Office 2016 features has to do with the way that Office was configured.No sooner than the file is opened, the PC will download a file that contains HTML application content which will enables the criminals full administrator rights on the victim's machine.This is how criminals are able to remotely execute malware on your device.PC owners should always make sure their software is being supported by the manufacturer, and is up-to-date.But in the meantime, what should Microsoft Office users do to avoid the virus?We recommend that you install all updates that apply to you. When it will be their time, they will come [I guess]. Anyway as I said, for Office 365, the updates come through it, not Windows Updates.


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