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Furthermore, how do let someone like Paul Ryan potentially be this country's next vice president?

So when she started chatting to a particularly attractive guy, she began to get nervous. The more she checked him out, the more nervous she got.

I just turned 30, and of course I feel like you do at times, although my age has nothing to do with that, I’m actually looking forward to the rest of my thirties.

It’s hard not to get weighed down by all the disappointment, but such is life, you’ve just gotta keep going and trust it’ll all turn out ok in the end, and in the mean time enjoy the ride and don’t trick yourself into thinking you’re the only one going through it all xxx How many hours, days even, have you wasted, staring at your phone, waiting to see whether you’ll get asked out again.

Like most people, it’s the bad dates which I tend to find most interesting. Over the two years I’ve been single, I’ve worked out ways to ensure I always have fun on a date … This week I heard probably the funniest first date story I’ve ever heard. She’d had the usual issues – turning up to dates to discover men looked nothing like their profile pictures, and fending off a stream of creepy messages.

To calm herself down, she went for a pre-drink with a friend. Except she ended up drinking an entire bottle of red wine.


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