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Despite the fact that the various types appear to the eyes of numismatists to fall relatively neatly into three different styles, no distinction between them was ever made when the coins were circulating.

The Willow Tree coins are all somewhat messy and leafy, the Oak Tree pieces all show trees with naked angular branches, and the Pine Tree coins all inarguably look like conifers, but each series has a wide variation in artistic interpretation of the legal requirement of “a tree in the center on the one side.” Everyone agrees the Willow Tree coins are the rarest of the Tree types.

The two eventually married in February of 2009 and since welcomed two children together, a son born in 2009 and a daughter born in 2012.

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The two dined at a yacht club in Miami and were getting cozy, according to the reports.

Lima and Ambrosio, who were working as food and culture correspondents for NBC during the games, even took the time to share the Brazilian dessert delicacy, brigadeiro, with Seacrest, who was all smiles when enjoying the sweets with the leggy ladies.

And it appears the romance, which may or may not have kicked off in Rio, is more than just a case of summer lovin,' since the pair reconnected in New York, where they were spotted sharing an intimate dinner at Dell'Anima Lima divorced professional basketball player Marko Jaric in March 2014.

26, 2016, Weekly issue of Coin World: The attraction that brings tourists to New England in the fall also appears on the longest-running series of coins struck in colonial New England: trees.

Following the production of the simple NE (New England) coins from June to October 1652, Massachusetts authorized a brand new design that remained until the Boston Mint closed in 1682.


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