Dating someone going through a messy divorce

I would not date someone in this situation, get urself together first before u come at me plus I would be wondering what was going on when they are home alone together every day.”” …have been divorced for 256 days and I still live with my ex-husband.

Sure, I commiserated with friends who were suffering through breakups, but I did so with a superiority complex, a judgment about how they got themselves into that situation through relationship neglect.

“Good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them…your smile, your hope and your courage.” ~Doe Zantamata Divorce or the end of a long-term relationship is one of hardest, if the not hardest, trial you might be faced with in life.

Unfortunately, unless you’ve experienced it firsthand, it’s very hard to believe this statement.

Check me out.” I thought that I would get some feedback from my friends on Facebook and Twitter about their views on the subject and the feedback was very interesting. “Share your thoughts” It seems as though, those people who are single and have never been married, had the viewpoint of “HELL NO.” Here are some of their comments: “I wouldn’t. i wouldn’t and don’t date men who are separated anyway.

This is what I wrote, ” I overheard some women in the doctor’s office talking about dating someone who were but still live in the same house. i don’t want to fool with you if you haven’t made a clean break and ended a previous relationship.”“if you go to someone’s house that is living with their ex you are asking for trouble and you constantly have to wonder if they’re still sleeping together……bueno…youre done be completely done and move the fuck on…..”“I dont think the economy is that bad where u have to settle for this, whatever u were contributing to that house u can use to get ur own place and either rent out or sell the house.


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