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“When you’re young, it’s all fillet steak,” he tells his new protégé, “but as you get older, you have to move on to the cheaper cuts.” It’s rare, amid the impeccably tailored, OCD detail of an Anderson production, for sex, nudity or expletives to play much of a part at all - which might be why the brief shot of Gustave being orally serviced by a guest is so startlingly funny.Another unexpected element is Ralph Fiennes - such an unlikely star in an Anderson film, as well as an underrated comic actor in general, that it redoubles the joy of what he’s doing.According to USAtoday, María Dolores Diéguez was visiting Fiennes on the set of “Risen” when she confused her hubby’s behind for the one of actor, Tom Felton!Fiennes said during an interview though his lovely wife, María Dolores Diéguez grabbed the wrong butt, it was all good and fun.

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Gustave must school this pup in the ins and outs of the hotel, not least explaining his own peculiar role in the sex lives of its weathered residents.

Intrepid explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is no stranger to pain.

Since the Sixties he has undertaken gruelling physical expeditions worldwide.

María Dolores Diéguez is a Swiss model with Spanish roots She became Mrs.

Fiennes in 2009 and is the mother of the couple’s two children: daughters Eva and Isabel.


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