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I was giving a speech the other day in Melbourne Town Hall, and at the end someone came up and thrust a long letter into my hand.It was one of those letters that all politicians get – with a problem so seemingly complicated and intractable that the only answer is to smile wanly and invite the supplicant to go down the corridor and knock on the next door of our vast and unfeeling bureaucracy.For instance, are you happy to meet people of all nationalities, or perhaps you’d like to date a British national?Would you prefer to meet someone from home, or from the same religion and beliefs as you? Do you want to try out online dating or do you want to meet someone in a more traditional manner? like it or loathe it, meeting potential dates online is here to stay.As you can see, there are loads of questions to work out even before you dip your toe in the dating in London pool… In London, it’s actually the most popular way for two people to hook up. If Tinder isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options to choose from.

So here are pass notes on how to tell your Aussie from your Kiwi.The children show every sign of wanting to learn from her – and she loves teaching them. Nor is she German, or Polish, or Croat, or Italian, or Greek, or Portuguese.Her problem is that in spite of all her efforts she has been effectively kicked out of Britain. She isn’t a citizen of any of the 27 countries of the European Union.She is Australian; and she has been told to bog off by the authorities in our country because it was, they said, too much of a palaver to go through the business of “sponsoring” her to stay.That is the infamous consequence, as we all know, of a historic and strategic decision that this country took in 1973.No love lost there.”) Rather these notes are offered in a spirit of peace and goodwill to all men and women – even the ones from the Southern Hemisphere who have an annoying tendency to beat us at games we invented. Behaviour Australians like few things better than watching rugby with a drink in hand. Heritage Home of Sydney Opera House, Peter Carey, Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) – and Barry Humphries’ belching creation, Sir Les Patterson. ” Appearance Large, clean-limbed, athletic Habitat Getting on for 60,000 New Zealanders live in the UK.


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