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In 1921, Banting identified that lack of insulin caused diabetes, after removing a dog’s pancreas, where insulin is produced, induced diabetic symptoms in the animal.

But by extracting the insulin from the removed pancreas and injecting it back into the dog, the symptoms subsided.

The panel’s work has definitively discredited the corporate contention that human-made carbon emissions are not affecting climate change.

To avoid total catastrophe, says the IPCC, we must reduce the industrial spew of global warming gasses by 40-70 percent of 2010 levels.

Bad End Memories and Reactions: There are a total of 3 extra Memories for the bad route.

Travel the world and you'll find that most people credit Canada for things like the bloody Caesar, insulin and poutine. But hold on, my friends (both foreign and domestic), there is much, much more to Canada.

It also effectively says the problem can be solved, and that renewable energy is the way to do it, and that nuclear power is not.

The United Nations’ IPCC is the world’s most respected authority on climate. It embraces several hundred climate scientists and more than a thousand computerized scenarios of what might be happening to global weather patterns.

Because of this, we decided to pick up and move to Canada where we were granted Permanent Residence Cards in less than a year. educated us in business smarts, the North American lifestyle, and scanned us from top to the bottom. But, despite all that, they didn’t see the need to allow us future opportunity to stay.

We have the “most social astronaut”: Eight North Americans have commanded the International Space Station over the last four years, but only Canada’s Chris Hadfield became a household name worldwide.

His photos, duets from space and that cover of helped catapult @Cmdr_Hadfield to one million Twitter followers. Holy crap, we’re discovering a miracle cure: Canada is a leader in fecal transplant therapy (it’s exactly what it sounds like).

The very first day I landed as an immigrant in Canada, the Border Services agent looked at me and said, “Welcome home”. Less than a year after I arrived in Vancouver, I started to feel not only like I belonged here, but also that I was genuinely welcomed – a feeling I never had in all 8 years of living in the United States.

After finishing my master’s degree, my partner and I wanted to start a business.


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